Fall Break Plus Rain Equals Lots Of Indoor Projects

This sucks: Half way through October and we’ve had twice the rain we normally have in the whole month. For one, my favorite local trails are now underwater. Just as they were getting into great fall and winter riding shape, now they’ll be covered in trash, muddy and out of commission for who knows how long. Worse, though, is that I have this whole week off of work and thus far it has rained all day every day. I have yet to take a ride, go for a walk or run, do any work outside my house, light the grill, eat outside or do anything else I would normally do on a day off.

Still, I have managed to get a few things done inside.

I’ve replaced one ceiling fan. The old one was ugly, but more importantly, it didn’t work. The new one looks much nicer and will actually cool the room. We have another ugly ceiling fan in the family room. It works, though, so I didn’t want to replace it. Instead, I removed the light fixture. That was the gaudiest part and we never used it anyway. Then I swapped the blades (dark wood with gold accents) for the cleaner light wood finish blades from the one I tore down. Now it looks much nicer, even if it’s not as cool as a new one would be.

I also replaced a light fixture in the family room. The old one was a faux-tiffany lamp featuring mustardy, brownish, and black glass colors right out of the seventies. Ugly. The new one is a paper ball with an oriental white on red flower pattern. The colors and the pattern fit the room better. It gives a nice light, too.

In addition to the electrical work, we’ve rearranged the furniture in two rooms. I took down a swinging door between the kitchen and dining room. I painted a built in book case and also the mantel over the family room fireplace. Several different pictures we’ve picked up at art shows or received as gifts now have frames.

The funny thing is, when I looked at the forecast for the week, my first thought was “man, what am I going to do all week.” Now? With every project I do, I think of another. Now I’m not sure the week will be long enough.

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