Landrieu To Constituents: You Are Freeloading Morons!


Yesterday, MSNBC host host Tamron Hall confronted Landrieu over her opposition to the public option in light of its enormous popularity across the country. Landrieu responded to Hall’s questioning by saying that the reason most people want a public option is because “everybody wants free health care”:

HALL: Do you believe in the polling that says the American people want a public option? Do you believe in that desire from the folks that you and all of the others represent who say that they would like a public option to help offset these costs?

LANDRIEU: I think when people hear “public option” they hear “free health care.” Everybody wants free health care. Everybody wants health care they don’t have to pay for. The problem is, is that we in governments and business have to pick up the tab and as individuals. So I’m not at all surprised that the public option’s been sold as free health care. But there is no free lunch.

Two interesting things here.

One, as Think Progress points out in that same post, over the last few years Lanrieu has received over 1.6 millon dollars from health and insurance groups. I’m sure that has nothing to do with her opposition to the public option.

Two, the big issue here isn’t that she thinks most of her constituents think “public option” equals “free,” it’s that she’s claiming to base her opposition on that mistake. So she thinks most of the people who voted for her are ignorant bums. Maybe she’s right, even if it’s bad politics to say it. That isn’t the real problem. The real problem is she’s reinforcing that supposed ignorance by going on to say she opposes the plan because businesses and individuals will have to pay for that free health care. In other words, she thinks it will be free for the users, but the costs will be spread throughout the country. That’s the same mistake she just accused her constituents of making. Rather than correct her constituency’s ignorance, she adopts it as her own.

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