Bikes And Trees

This sounds cool:

The Velo Dendro S is a tour of significant trees in Shreveport. This ride . . . will take riders around Shreveport to look at and learn about this beautiful city’s significant trees. We will begin at the Columbia Café at Creswell and Kings Highway and head north to downtown. Along the way we will visit examples of good and poor pruning practices and take part in a tree planting at a local church. Once downtown, we will visit the historic court house on Texas Street, and discuss modern trends in urban forest planting. After a short break for refreshments we will head over to the Clyde Fant Parkway, Shreveport’s premier and oldest cycling facility. Cutting back away from the River after a few miles, we will mosey over to see a demonstration of tree/utility conflicts with SWEPCO and then on to take a look at the Louisiana State Champion Sycamore tree on the A.C. Steere playground. Other stops as we make our way back to Columbia Café will include Betty Virginia Park and the Slattery Oak. Following the ride we will be treated to the sweet sounds of A Fine Romance Trio at the Columbia Café and enjoy post-ride refreshments. The entire route is approximately 17 easy miles. No single section of the ride with be longer than two miles and we will supply refreshments, bathroom breaks and mechanical support (if needed) all along the route.

It’s only ten bucks and kid trailers are welcome. The date is November 7. The time 9:30 – 1:00. I may go, if for no other reason than to hear about the “Louisiana State Champion Sycamore tree” at AC Steere. We see that ginormous tree almost daily and I’ve always wondered what its story is.

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