Interesting Story About Our Local Park

The park – AC Steere – features Louisiana’s first handicapped accessable playground. That’s the focus of the article. I do have to disagree with this guy, though:

“I think it’s fantastic. You know any kind of kid there is can come out here and use this park. Handicapped kids, little kids, bigger kids, you see everything out here” says James McGuirk who brought his child to play.

Not that I deny it’s a fantastic park. We go there at least three or four times a week. But in all those times I have never seen a handicapped child.

That the playground does not get used for its intended purpose doesn’t make it a failure. The park is fun for any kind of kid. In fact, the wider aisles and smaller angles make it easier for more kids (and their parents) to use the equipment at the same time. The cushioned ground cover is nice, too. So the handicapped accessibility actually makes it better for everyone.



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One Comment on “Interesting Story About Our Local Park”

  1. Greenshirt Says:

    I freqently disagree with myself. Then we have an argument and we win and lose. Once I stormed out but when I got outside we were there. I had a restraining order taken out but I couldn’t 500 feet away from myself and we were both put in jail. Separate cells. I punched a guard and told the judge I didn’t do it and pled guilty. He let one of us go but we didn’t know which one and decided to stay together after all. Or not.

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