17% Of Americans Shouldn’t Have Kids

“17% of U.S. voters want their child to grow up to be a politician, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey.”

Car salesman, stripper, the guy who cleans dead animals off the road: Any of those would be better than a politician.

It’s not so much the job itself; the idea of public service is noble enough. The problem is what kind of person wants to be a politician, and what kind of person you have to become to be a successful politician. I can’t think of any other career in which the practitioners are so uniformly small minded, self centered, arrogant, pompous and generally full of shit. But that’s what it takes to succeed.

So if one of my kids wanted to be the trash man, that’s fine. I could still enjoy spending time with them. But if they ran for office? My biggest fear would be that I’d lost my kid.

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One Comment on “17% Of Americans Shouldn’t Have Kids”

  1. Jim Says:

    I always told my kids that whether a teacher, policeman or plumber, just be the very best one possible. I hate to think what being the ‘best’ politician would entail.

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