The Most Complicated Decision Of My Entire Life

Not whether to keep blogging; it was relatively easy to choose to keep doing it. No, I’m talking about buying a new television.

I really don’t even want to buy one. We’ve been happily watching our twenty seven inch cathode ray tube Wal Mart television for the entire eight years of our marriage. And the wife watched it for seven years prior to that. It’s the one and only television we’ve ever owned and it lets me watch all the same stuff a new one would let me watch.

Granted a new one would provide a better picture. Still, this is an improvement of degree, not kind. I don’t need a new television to watch the Saints. I would need a new television if want to see the individual sweat beads on Drew Brees’s forehead during game. The question is whether I want to pay a grand for those sweat beads. The answer is no.

Such was my reasoning until the last few months when two things happened. One, our parish shared the Haynesville shale largess with its teachers. This means the value I place on the money it will take to buy a new television is no longer quite so high. Two, our old reliable television is starting to act funny. The picture sort of sways in and out at random times. To me, it looks like a sign of the end. This means I’m no longer paying for a slight improvement over a current television. Instead, I’m paying for television itself. In other words, I’m paying not just for Drew Brees’s sweat, but for Drew Brees himself.

Deciding to buy was the easy part. (Though the friends and family members who have spent years  mocking my old television and my reasoning might disagree). Choosing one is far worse. There’s just too much crap, and too many variations on all that crap. And when I think I’ve decided, I go to the store to see the one I’ve picked, and they all look the same. Then I go home confused, research some more, go look an another one, and find yet another I like. Then I go home confused . . . . .

I don’t know. I really like this Samsung LED LCD 1080p with 120hz refresh rate and all kinds of internets stuff on it. But then the experts all tell me that 1080 and LED and 120hz really don’t make much of a difference. So then I think I ought to save half the cost and go with a 720 model, especially because right now I can’t tell much of a difference in the pictures.

Then I compare it to when I first bought a road bike. Having never ridden one, I couldn’t tell much difference between good and excellent stuff. Now I can. Because I bought excellent stuff at the start, though, I have never had to upgrade my bike to meet my growing expectations. I think it might be the same here. Given what I’m watching now, all these new televisions are going to look great. What about after I’ve had one a few months? Will I regret buying a cheaper model? Or will it continue to please? Should I just buy the better one now?

I don’t know.

To make it even worse, we’ll probably mount it over the fire place in the family room. (That was another big debate). No big deal, right? Well, the current placement of the television makes our couch the prime viewing area. Mounting it will make the love seat the best spot. Problem: The love seat ain’t very comfy. We can’t move the couch because it won’t fit in that spot. That means we have to go buy a new love seat. For most people, probably not a major issue. I, however, spent more time shopping for our couch than I did for our house.

Maybe we can repair our current t.v.

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6 Comments on “The Most Complicated Decision Of My Entire Life”

  1. mom Says:

    So glad you are still blogging….and my vote still goes for Vizio.

  2. Himself Says:

    We’d like to get a new TV too and now I can let you do all the hard work. Thanks.

  3. draftsonyou Says:

    This is the same reason I hate buying a car. There are too many factors to consider. Even if you get comfortable with your decision, you have just bought a depreciating asset that will eventually leave you questioning if you made the wrong decision. My theory is that it’s all about minimizing loss. Same goes for T.V.’s. For this reason, your old school t.v. is probably the best one you’ll ever own, no matter how much money you spend.

  4. wheeler Says:

    that’s why i buy used cars.

  5. Donna B. Says:

    Frankly, I’d buy the cheapest TV available right now because I think the technology is going to keep making them better. And better.

    Pay for no technology before it’s time 🙂

  6. ttownfeen Says:

    They have combo HDTV-BluRay disc players now.

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