Don’t Fire Les Miles

Bill Simmons has a less expensive solution that lets LSU keep Miles’s recruiting skills but solves his biggest problem: Making decisions at the end of games. Simmons is talking about Eagles coach Andy Reid, but everything in this column applies equally to Miles and LSU.

First, an e-mail to Simmons suggests the idea:

“Andy Reid is a great coach for 3 and a half quarters. In baseball, most starting pitchers do their job really well for most of the game, then need a little help to finish it out. I think you see where I’m going with this. The Eagles need a closer. A coach that they can bring in at the end of close games when they’re trailing, or winning by a touchdown or less (save situations). As asinine as this sounds, tell me Eagles fans wouldn’t strongly consider it.”

How about it Tigers fans?

Now Simmons expands the idea:

Consider it? Are you kidding? They just broke their necks nodding violently. It’s a fascinating idea and I spent way too much time thinking about it. Every coach has a flaw or two. It’s impossible for them to be perfect. In Andy Reid’s case, he knows how to handle the media, build a roster, come up with game plans, delegate to assistants, get his players playing hard for him, keep them prepared and keep them motivated. It’s a eight-step job and he nailed seven of the steps. But he’s helpless with clock management — as we saw last Sunday in painful detail — and since he’s been doing this since the mid-90s, it sure seems like he will always be helpless. It’s his Achilles’ heel. So why not fix it? Either have the Clock Management Closer come in and stand next to him, or even better, just have Reid actually leave the sideline and head into the locker room like a baseball pitcher. He could even get a standing O on his way out. I would love this. Who wouldn’t love this?

As Miles leaves, they could even have a big ceremony for the closer. Like how Bevo precedes the Longhorns or Chief Osceola and Florida State, only it would be one guy, the fourth quarter and Mike the Tiger. Think Mariano Rivera and Enter Sandman, but with the LSU fight song and a 600 pound carnivore escorting the closer. Not only would we have someone who knows how to call the end of a game, but think of the intimidation factor! Especially if they could leave Mike on the field for the rest of the game. Genius, I say.

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One Comment on “Don’t Fire Les Miles”

  1. tejastiger61 Says:

    Unfortunately innovative thinking and planning what ever the situation is OUT as long as the “Three Stooges” are running the football program.
    The “Three Stooges” you ask ? Yes LSU’S “Three Stooges” Les Miles ,Gary Crowtan and Joe Alleva.
    The Dim Whited Tree-O. LSU and Tiger Nation have pinned their hopes on the AD
    that made Duke Football what it is today, having the common football knowledge
    that makes the most important decisions about hiring and firing football coaches.
    In other words Tiger Nation is doomed. We have the players now we need the coaches. Unfortunately the person who’s job it is to hire the coaches we need and fire the coaches we don’t need is totally out of his element.
    Jerry Jones cannot micro manage the Dallas Cowboys to the Super Bowl no matter how smart his son happens to be or how great he thinks he is at picking quality talent that has longevity in the NFL.
    LSU now has the Worst coach and the most helpless AD in the entire SEC.
    Houston Nutt has coached circles around Miles year end year out at 2 different schools. Ole Miss does not have near the talent or facilities LSU boast. But Miles and Crowtan are so inept and their coaching ability so wishy washy the program overall and their personal leadership suspect.
    Next season when all hopes of another SEC Championship much less a National Championship are over by the second weekend in October the Miles apologist will blame folks such as myself for all the “Negative Talk” and “Angry Fans’ for unjustly influencing the 5 Star recruits to geaux running for the Oregon boarder.

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