A Lot Of People’s Lives Must Really Suck


As any working stiff knows, Monday is universally considered the “worst day of the week.” However, a new paper from researchers in Germany belies the global reach of the evil day. Germans, far from hating Monday, by-and-large consider Sunday the “bluest day,” according to survey results of “subjective well-being.”

The New Republic’s Zubin Jelveh was inspired by the news to create a corresponding chart for U.S. respondents. His results were beyond similar; they actually indicated that Americans on Sunday were even less happy than Germans, and far less happy than on every other day of the week.

When I read that, I first guessed they had asked the question during Sunday evenings, when people are depressed about going back to work the next day. Then I looked at the accompanying graphs and discovered that the next saddest day is Saturday. Now I just feel bad for a bunch of people. Apparently, being AWAY from work is depressing.

I like my career, but it’s no contest what 48 hours are the best ones of my week: From quitting time Friday until early evening Sunday. Correspondingly, the end of that time is the saddest: Sunday night and Monday morning. I always thought everyone felt the same. I guess I was wrong, and to me that’s truly sad.

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2 Comments on “A Lot Of People’s Lives Must Really Suck”

  1. Texas Redhead Loser Says:

    I’ve always hated Saturday the most, followed by Sunday, and Monday has always been one of my favorite days. Everyone thinks I’m weird, but it goes back to when I was a kid and despised my church yet every week I was forced to give up my entire Sunday (Sunday School, church, choir practice, bible study, evening service) to that awful place. So Saturdays were bad because I dreaded Sunday, Sundays sucked, and by Sunday night I was relieved. Monday meant a fresh start. Those feelings carried over into adulthood somehow, though I haven’t been to any church in years. It never occurred to me that I might not be alone in this. I wonder if any of those people in the study had a similar upbringing.

  2. wheeler Says:

    interesting. the childhood experience had the opposite impact on me. one of the reasons i think i enjoy sundays now is because i was forced to attend six hours worth of church as a kid. even years later, the thrill of being able to decide for myself what to do is strong.

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