Today’s Busybody School Board

From Vermillion Parish:

Vermilion Parish coaches are not too impressed with the Vermilion Parish’s School Board’s new policy that bans intentionally embarrassing, humiliating, harassing or denigrating a student, school employee or member of the public.

Two school board members, Anthony Fontana and Charles Campbell, have both gone on record as saying the policy is design ed to stop coaches from saying things that may embarrass or humiliate an athlete.

It looks like it will be very effective:

Each coach the [Abbeville] Meridional spoke to has no plans to change the way they coach during a game or in practice.

“This policy is typical micro-managing by politicians,” added a coach. “It is not going to change my way of coaching. If they do not like the way I coach, then I can go coach in another Parish.”

I swear, somewhere there is a spreadsheet that keys salaries for school board members and administrators to the amount of useless polices they create and hours of other people’s time they waste.

Good think I’m not a coach in Vermillion Parish, because I’m sure I probably just hurt someone’s feelings.

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