Ron Webb Is An Asshole

What a douche:

Shreveport Councilman Ron Webb on Friday drew the ire of residents who took offense to his comment about denying funding to an organization he considers gay friendly.

During a workshop on the city’s 2010 budget this week, Webb said he didn’t want to give Robinson Film Center additional money. He had talked with organization leader Sylvia Goodman and told her so.

“I had her an additional $25,000 to put on this list, and I removed it,” Webb said Monday. “The reason why I did is it bothered me that they supported gay and lesbian rights.”

Here’s his e-mail clarifying his bigotry:

“I was elected to represent the majority of my district. It may not be politically correct, and some folks may choose to be offended because they didn’t get their way. But I stand by my decision to stand with my constituents. Special interest groups should not override the interests of the majority to promote their agenda with the people’s tax dollars.”

A few things here.

One, I have issues with using tax dollars to fund things like theaters. We have too many potholes and too many crimes for that. But once you decide to throw around money, you need to do it equitably. “There be gays there” just isn’t a legitimate reason to deny funding; no more than “there be coloreds there” would be a legitimate reason to deny funding.

Two, at least Webb is honest. I much prefer open bigots to ones who hide behind neutral sounding principles in which they do not really believe.

Three, he’s probably right about his constituents. I grew up in the area he now represents. It’s populated by poorly educated white trash bible thumpers. I say that in Christian love, of course. Still, if I had to choose being doing what’s right and pleasing an ignorant mob, I’d like to think I’d do what’s right. I, though, am not a city councilman.

Four, good for the rest of the council:

Council Chairwoman Joyce Bowman distanced herself and the rest of the board from Webb’s comments. “Those statements are Councilman Webb’s alone, not the view of the entire council.”

Let’s hope, in spite of what Webb thinks, they aren’t the view of most people, either. Surely even Shreveport can move beyond this type of foolishness.

And finally, any bets on how long until Webb becomes involved in a gay s&m scandal with a city council intern?

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4 Comments on “Ron Webb Is An Asshole”

  1. Jessics Luce Says:

    Apparently you have not driven through the part of district E in which I reside. My husband and I are both college educated with very good jobs. I have lived there for a little over thirty years and my neighbors and I all have well kept yards and homes. I do not know what your definition of “white trash bible thumper” is.

  2. Donna Nolan Says:

    It is amazing to me that the gay community wants to call the Bible believing community ignorant when they are the ones ignorant. They think they can shove their perverted beliefs down the throats of those who do not agree with them. Well you are free to believe what you want to and practice your gay lifestyle as you please. Only God can judge you. But you do not have the right to expect the majority of us hard working, educated and tax paying citizens to support your cause!!!!! I am sick of all the stupid people in this country who don’t even know “What thus Sayeth the Lord” and who always want the Christians to bow down and allow those who don’t agree with us to run this nation!! Thank you Mr. Webb for standing up for the honest majority in our district. We are the people who elected you to office and we are the people you should represent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ben Says:

    Mr. Webb does represent a block of his constituents in his district but he does not represent everyone. He cherry pick his issues and the people he represent . Whether being gay is against what Jesus teaches or not, I am not going to argue with that. However, love thy neighbors as thyself is also the Lord’s command. So … I’d like to remind Mr. Webb that it isn’t the lack of politically correctness that puts him at odds with a lot of folks, it is his complete lack of empathy. I have the misfortune of having to deal with Mr. Webb, and I can say unequivocally that he is indeed an A….

  4. W. L. Patterson Says:

    I commend Ron Webb for standing up for most people Christian Rights

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