Store Brand Whiskey + Beer + Meatball Subs = Crazy Dreams But A Great Morning Run

I had a lousy training week. I missed a run and was much slower than normal on the ones I did. Even last Saturday was bad, though that was because the day before I gave blood. With that background I did not expect much from yesterday’s long run. Then I woke up to serious rain. I thought I’d wait and go later. Later only brought more rain. I never went running. All this added up to me being in a pretty foul mood by yesterday evening. (It being the first Saturday without college football didn’t help)

Of course, it could have been worse. I could have been forced to see New Moon last night. Praise Jesus, though, my wife went with several of her friends instead of with me. While they did that, me and the other Dads gathered to babysit. That’s where the whiskey, beer and subs enter the story.

Now don’t worry, it’s not like we all got knee walking drunk and forgot about the kids. They all had a good time, ate their dinners and made it through the evening without injury. Of course, a snowglobe fell victim to a helmet tossed across the room. But we cleaned the glass before anyone stepped on it and hurt themselves.

Anyway, you don’t need to be a nutritionist to know that large quantities of  alcohol and meat really aren’t the best meal to have the night before a semi-serious athletic event. And though I am firmly in the run-to-eat rather than eat-to-run crowd and have more than once shown up for a Saturday bike ride still wobbly from Friday, I was a bit concerned about how my good time last night would impact my run time today.

The first thing it did was give me some crazy wild dreams last night, the really vivid kind that make you actually move and jump in the bed. The first part I remember morphed from a fishing trip to a shark attack. Then it somehow changed to buying a house which then became haunted. The last thing I recall before suddenly waking up was doing battle with some kind of Freddy-type monster.

When I woke, I was buzzed. Not tipsy-buzzed. More like a sugar high. I guess that’s from the carbs in the beer and the sub rolls. Might also be from the bowl of ice cream I had just before bed. Anyway, far from being sluggish, I hopped out of bed and ten minutes later started pounding the pavement. I felt great, too. It took a conscious effort to keep my pace down for the first few miles.

I never crashed, either. I went somewhere between 16.5 and 17 miles, finishing in two hours and thirteen minutes. That means I averaged between 7:49 a mile and 8:03 a mile. The best part? I had the same average for the first three miles that I did for the last three miles. I’ve always faded towards the end of long runs, so I’m extremely excited that I’m still managing to hold my pace as I get closer and closer the goal: 26.2 in 3:30.

It was a run that redeemed the whole week. I performed today, so I don’t feel bad about the cruddy  training for the previous seven days. Nor do I feel guilty for drinking too much the night before a run. I’m not dumb enough to think this is a good plan to follow every weekend. Right now, though, I am feeling good, which is a big change from yesterday this time.

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