That 54:40 Was A Fight

That being the time it took me to run six miles tonight. Yesterday it took me only twenty seconds more to do another mile and a half. So why did I go from 7:20 minute miles to 9:00 minute miles on a shorter route? A jogger with two toddlers; or, in other words, about ninety pounds of dead weight.

I run with the babies every Wednesday. Tuesdays are a hard run, Thursdays are a hard run, Wednesdays are normally easy. I put them in the jogger and maintain a pace that lets me talk with them through the whole five or six mile route. We look for flags, and boats, and basketball goals. While “Mr. Sun” still shines they find shapes in the clouds. There’s several cars along the route that share traits with those in their favorite movie, causing them to shout at a bright yellow bug we always see on Albert, for example, “Just like Luigi!” Omi also like to randomly shout “Look!, A spaceship!” Not sure where the idea of extraterrestrials originated, but I think trees overhanging the road trigger the shout. Since Thanksgiving, Christmas lights have been the big show. I’ve enjoyed running this season more than any other, and the Wednesday run most of all.

This week, though, I was unsure if time would allow a run on Thursday. To make up for the possibility of a missed hard run, I did a hard run tonight. We ran a mile to the closest hill, made a block that let us go up it four times at a fast pace (with half a block to recover between each “climb”) and then went home by a slightly longer route. I didn’t talk much on this one. In fact, even if time permits a run tomorrow, I don’t think my legs will.

(If you haven’t had American history in a while, here’s the title reference.)

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2 Comments on “That 54:40 Was A Fight”

  1. KC Says:

    If one is unfamiliar with the title reference , they probably hit the public schools after 1980…no history, no civics, but they can tell you all about WIC and other social programs..

  2. wheeler Says:

    most of my students know when i get paid because they know state employees get paid the same day their parents get their “checks.”

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