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We’re Back And I’m Running In The Snow

January 4, 2010

So we had a great vacation in an area of the country we expected to be cold and snowy. I didn’t even bother brining my running shoes on the trip. That doesn’t mean I was a total couch potato. I went for a mountain bike ride that featured a five mile¬†climb on a clear paved road that turned into a clear dirt road that finished as a snowy muddy road. I also joined a bear hunt that probably covered seven or eight mountainous miles before successfully¬†killing a 405 pound bear. (Friday, we ate part of him – in the form of barbeque – with collard greens and black eyed peas; if that doesn’t bring good fortune in 2010, I don’t know what will.) Still, due to the weather, we spend most of the time indoors. That was fine; I’d expected it.

Now we’re home, and when I got up this morning for my run, not only was it colder than a witch’s titty, it was friggin’ snowing! And the high for the entire week is forty five. What the hell? This is the South. It’s supposed to be warm. Nice winters are why we endure July and August. With weather like this, we might as well live in Wapwallopen.