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Good Questions

January 13, 2010

Which news item this week was less predictable, that Palin was hired by Fox News or that Mark McGwire took steroids?

Not quite the headline as those two, but I’d add Blake Griffin – chosen first in last spring’s draft by the LA Clippers – blowing out his knee and missing the rest of his rookie season. Why was this so predictable? Well, here’s an e-mail Bill Simmons ran in a mailbag just prior to the draft:

Q: Now that the Clips have secured the No. 1 pick and proclaimed their intentions, we have been arguing about which one of us will go first. I, Left ACL, think it will be me because I’m his dominant leg, but Right ACL thinks it will be him because Blake jumps off him more than he does me. Blake’s Will to Live walked by and overheard our argument. He said he and Blake’s All-Star Potential had been lamenting the fact that they’re both screwed as well. I guess we’re all in pretty bad shape. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen Blake’s Work Ethic all day, though I heard he was trying to look up a phone number for Josh Childress’ ‘Fro. Something about dollar-to-Euro exchange rates.
— Blake Griffin’s Left ACL, Oklahoma

And here’s Simmons’ response:

SG: You know what’s really frightening? At least 15 readers thought of the “Blake Griffin is so screwed by going to the Clippers that I’m going to send Simmons a fake e-mail from Griffin’s knees” idea independently of one another. Ladies and gentlemen, your Los Angeles Clippers!!!!