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Running In The Rain

January 20, 2010

I don’t mind getting caught in the rain while running. Note there’s two key words in that sentence: “caught” and “running.”

I hate, hate, hate, hate being in the rain on my bike. Partly because I wear glasses, which means rain makes me blind. They don’t have windshield wipers, which means I have to remove them, and that leaves me unable to see more than five feet in front of me. The main reason I hate riding in the rain, though, is that it means I’ll have to dry and clean my bike when I make it home. That’s a pain in the ass, especially when you’re tired, wet, cold and just want to go inside and recover. “Running” in the rain, on the other hand, doesn’t have these issues. Running, I don’t wear glasses in any weather. I’m going too slow to need to see more than a few feet in front of me, and if I wear them all they do is slide down my nose. As for the end, the rain adds no extra work; I have to shower anyway.

The other key word is “caught.” If I see rain before going out to run, I will stay inside. If I’ve already started, though, I really don’t mind getting wet. Is there a reasonable explanation for this distinction? Probably not. But so it is.

Tonight, I was caught running in the rain. Based on what I just wrote, that should be no big deal, right? Well, tonight is Wednesday. That means I was running with the babies in the jogger.

Knowing rain was forecasted for this evening, I trimmed my usual route to about five miles, hoping to save time. Based on the radar forecast, we should have been fine. As we jogged through the neighborhood, it looked like plenty of other folks thought the same thing, as we say other runners and even one of Mac and Omi’s friends out riding his bike. Then, at about 1.5, I felt a few sprinkles. At that point we could have bailed, turning and making it home in about another mile. But it was only a few sprinkles. So we kept on, though I did decide to cut another corner, reducing the total for the run to four miles.

As we ran, the skies darkened and I began to hear thunder in the distance. Yet the rain quit and we had just under a mile to go. Positive we’d make it home dry, as we passed a house along Audubon, I heard a guy who had just pulled into his driveway say “I hope you’re almost home.” Thinking “mind your own business” I said, “Yeah, less than a mile.”

What a mile. Not three houses after the guy warned us, the rain began. Not a gentle beginning, either. Suddenly, immediately, like someone dumped a bucket of water on us, the downpour began. In about two seconds I was soaked to the skin. The stroller’s shades gave the babies some cover, but not much. They were getting pretty wet. They did not like it, either. From the moment the rain began until we pulled into the garage, they both screamed. Boy did that make me feel like a great Dad. Of course, it also made me run faster. Not sure what the time was for that final mile, but I’m sure I set a personal record for a jogging stroller mile.

Once at the house, we all stripped to our birthday suits before going inside. I mean, why add “clean up all the wet floors” to the evening’s adventures? Besides, they’re at the age where they think escaping prior to a bath and running through the house naked is the greatest fun ever. So they got a real kick out of stripping out of the wet clothes on the back deck. Moods lifted, we all went in and put on dry clothes and laughed about the whole adventure.

So Those Holy Hand Grenades Really Ain’t A Joke

January 20, 2010

Read this letter from a non-Christian soldier about his experience with the guns.