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Not The G-Men, But The Next Best Thing

January 24, 2010

Geaux Saints.

Although, that was one of the most aggravating games I can recall watching. Turnovers, penalties, replays, dropped passes: It was sloppy. And how many times did the Saints fail to convert on third and short? But the good guys won, so it’s all o.k.

As for you-know-who, what a perfect ending. Especially considering how horrific it could have been. If Favre had returned from that second half ankle injury and led the Vikings to the Super Bowl? I wouldn’t have been able to follow sports at all for the next two weeks.

Which reminds me to commend Joe Buck and Troy Aikman for avoiding any Favre love during the game. Granted those two have all the energy and personality of a couple of corpses, but in this situation that helped. They made the essential points and that was it, noting that Favre was getting beat up, but never gushing about his “toughness” or “leadership” or “dedication” or whatever other star-struck adjectives you usually have to endure when watching him play. I also never heard any speculation about what he might do next year. In short, they treated him like any other player. Good job, gentlemen.

The best job, though, was  . . .