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Almost At The Finish, And The Start

January 30, 2010

Just returned from a 12.5 mile run. Not that long, but it made me feel great. There’s two reasons for this.

One, it was the penultimate long training run for the marathon. Not technically; I still have three more long runs prior to the race. But the last two weeks are tapering runs of twelve and then eight miles. By then, I’ll have finished the serious training and be coasting towards the start of the race. That means next week is the last serious training week. It’ll be my highest mileage week and I’ll cap it with the BIG TRAINING RUN: Twenty two miles next Saturday, the peak of my training. Knowing I only have one more hard core week to go made today much more pleasant than if it was just another mid-routine run.

Two, I felt my training today. Probably my worst long run of the whole program came last November, the first time I did twelve miles. Don’t know why – I had nailed a ten miler the prior week and felt good that morning – but that run killed me. That’s the only one I have done thus far which left me limping for the final few miles. Today, in contrast, I started at an easy eight minute per mile pace and kept it with no issues until about mile eight when I increased my pace to about seven and a half per mile. Again, I had no issues maintaining that pace. Finishing strong always feels good (when you’re done); more so when you’ve finished weak at a similar distance.

In short, I only ran twelve miles, but I’m almost at the start of the marathon and I think I’m in good shape.