While We’re At It, Why Not Replace All Their Names With Numbers

Metal detectors, drug tests, armed cops in the halls, uniforms and now . . .

A Caddo Parish School Board member is proposing a new policy that would require all students at elementary, middle and high schools to have clear backpacks at school.

As with all the other policies, this one penalizes the vast majority for the actions of a few. Sure it would be an administrative headache, but it would be infinitely more fair (and educationally efficient) to segregate students based on behavior and performance. Then we could treat the thugs like thugs and let the good kids have the freedom and education they deserve.

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One Comment on “While We’re At It, Why Not Replace All Their Names With Numbers”

  1. Sara Says:

    I think we had to start using either clear plastic or mesh backpacks in 2000 or 2001. Most of the people I knew refused and just carried everything. It might not have been so annoying if it had meant that we could carry our backpacks in the hall, but we still had to keep our bags in our lockers during the day.

    In other words, high school was pretty much ridiculous.

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