Not A Bloody Sock, But . . .

Here’s what happens when you run twenty-two miles in a brand new pair of shoes:

In my defense, I know better than to run that far in that new a pair of shoes but had little choice in this situation. I only realized after getting strange pains in my legs on Wednesday that my old ones had worn out. Rain kept me from breaking in the new ones Thursday. I didn’t want to run yesterday afternoon because I wanted to save my legs for this morning. Besides, this is at least the sixth consecutive time I have purchased this exact model of shoe. They had never bothered me in the past, so I figured they would be fine now.

And they would have been fine. Had I broken them in first.

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6 Comments on “Not A Bloody Sock, But . . .”

  1. mom Says:


  2. Mary Beth Says:

    Tide to Go should get that out for you…unless of course you want to leave it for some bragging rights or something?

  3. Suzy-Q Says:

    What brand and model do you use?

  4. Wheeler Says:

    new balance. i think it’s model 769, though the numbers have changed over the years.

  5. draftsonyou Says:

    Badge of honor! No way you wash it!

  6. KC Says:

    Made the mistake of wearing new shoes in the disney Marathon years ago….my blisters had blisters by the time we finished…..changed to Asics after that….

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