It’s About Time To Nut Up Or Shut Up

Sunday’s the marathon and I’m not feeling very good.

Here’s where I set my goals, from the ideal of sub-3:30 to the “eh” of 3:45-4:00. Here, here and here are some updates at key times during my training. If you read them, you’ll note that in each I sound confident I’ll reach my ideal goal. So why the difference today?

Part of it is burn out. I thank the weather for that. You can only go run on so many gray, wet, forty degree days before you want to quit and stay inside. The hassle (and expense) of driving all the way to New Orleans has dimmed my enthusiasm. That I’ve never even been in the city doesn’t help. I really don’t want to worry about anything other than running on Sunday. But in addition I’ll be worried about parking and meals and directions and all the other questions you don’t have when in your own town.

The big reason, though, is injuries. The wife developed shin splints in January. That knocked her out of the half marathon. She was the one who wanted to do all this in the first place. Even though I was doing the full marathon, I was still excited about doing the race together. Those are big goals to set and accomplish at the same time. She’s a lot more upset than I am about her injury, but it bugs me, too.

Still, though, if that was all, I’d be confident about my final time. All the mental issues will go away when I reach the start. Problem is, the pain from the leg I tweaked three weeks ago will only get worse.  Thankfully, the injury did not occur until after my final long run: 22 miles three weekends ago. Since then, thanks to whatever it is I did to my leg, I don’t think I have run 22 miles total. Granted, the final three weeks prior to the run are supposed to be relatively low mileage. But not that low. Now I have two problems. One is how much damage I’ve done to my fitness by missing half my mileage over the last three weeks. Two is what my leg will do on race day.

Today, my leg feels good. Not perfect, but much better than it did even a few days ago. Of course, only race day will reveal the severity of my two problems. Hopefully they aren’t. Right now, though, I ain’t real confident.

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4 Comments on “It’s About Time To Nut Up Or Shut Up”

  1. mom Says:

    Have a great time and enjoy the challenge 🙂

  2. himself Says:

    Relax, run, explore an unfamilar city and spend time together.

  3. Suzy-Q Says:

    How’d it go??

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