Score One For The Good Guys


Shreveport police detectives are searching for Jeremy Rachal, 18, of the 6200 block of South Crest Drive in Shreveport, on a charge of home invasion, according to Cpl. Bill Goodin, police spokesman.

A 15-year-old, whose name is not being released, apparently participated in the home invasion at Billy Mayweather’s house in the 6000 block of Fox Chase Trail.

When the 62-year-old’s son, Brandon Mayweather, 31, came by the house shortly after 11 p.m. to check on him, the 15-year-old opened fire on Brandon Mayweather, according to police.

But Brandon Mayweather was also armed and returned fire, shooting the 15-year-old at least twice in the torso. The boy was pronounced dead at LSU Hospital in Shreveport.

Stuff like this makes me religious. That is, it makes me hope there truly is a hell for anyone who would do something like these two thugs did.

And shouldn’t Brandon Mayweather get a huge tax credit for his heroics? Think of all the taxpayer money he saved by shooting that POS kid. No appointed lawyer, no trial, no incarceration costs, no future crimes, trials and incarcerations, etc. . . .

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One Comment on “Score One For The Good Guys”

  1. Suzy-Q Says:

    And score one for those law abiding citizens who are registered to carry a firearm.

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