It’s Official

That anti-gay California legislator arrested for DWI outside a gay nightclub? He now admits he’s gay. Has been for years while opposing any and all gay-friendly legislation. He was so bad that California’s biggest gay rights group gave him a rating of zero on its legislative scorecards.

I really have no idea what to say about this guy.

I just read this review of a book called “From Disgust to Humanity.” The question is how we’ve moved from treating homosexuals with disgust to treating them more and more like the humans they are. From the review, the answer appears to be that as people began to actually know gay people, it became easier to imagine having their problems. That empathy leads to greater acceptance and equality. Knowing real people does more than any amount of arguments to silence the idiocy of the typical anti-gay crusader.

So, having just read all this about imagining other people’s problems, having empathy, walking a mile, and etc., I’m trying to comprehend what life must have been like for this gay anti-gay married father of four. But I’m not going to do it. I’ll feel sorry for his wife and his kids. This guy, though, spent his career making other people’s lives harder. Every bit of pain and humiliation he feels right now is a the result of the ignorance and unjustified hostilities he helped to perpetuate. Let him have it.

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One Comment on “It’s Official”

  1. ttownfeen Says:

    It comes down to this: It is easier to scapegoat an idea than it is a person.

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