Hey, Too Bad No One Thought Of That Before All The Development

Someone needed an official study to arrive at this planned solution to traffic issues on Youree?

Restructuring traffic along the thoroughfare is among Shreveport’s 20-year master plan’s objectives, said Larissa Brown, chief planner for Goody Clancy, the firm working on the plan. Called “Great Expectations: Creating Our Future Together,” the plan involves evaluating and devising a strategy for economic development, appropriate land use and transportation within Caddo Parish and the surrounding five-mile radius outside the city.

Among the Youree Drive solutions that include signal timing and redeveloping access points, Brown said the MPC is looking at “designing shopping areas that configure businesses and parking lots so shoppers can park once and then walk safely and comfortably to a variety of stores.”

The lack of access management is what creates so much traffic congestion.

“Many retail developments do not have an access point from the rear or side, so Youree Drive is the only way to enter and exit,” Brown said. “As a result, traffic is slowed down.”

This problem was patently obvious from the start. Letting each center have its own red light is going to interrupt the flow of traffic. Requiring shoppers to get in their cars and return to Youree just to go to the next center only makes it worse. Too bad no one did anything during all the construction. Good luck fixing it now.

Let me add that I think any solution that costs more than the what it would take to time the red lights is not worth it. Even on the worst days of the year, all the “traffic” might add ten minutes to your travel time on that stretch of road.

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One Comment on “Hey, Too Bad No One Thought Of That Before All The Development”

  1. Jim Says:

    “Great Expectations: Creating Our Future Together”
    A rather grandiose name for a plan to deal with access on Youree Drive. We are driven to name everything we do in glowing terms, even our wars. How about “Operation Enduring Freedom”, although it entails very little freedom and probably won’t endure.

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