Why Send Them In The First Place?

Catholic School Boots Student With Gay Parents.”

Remember, it’s all about the children.

Obviously, the people running the school are being jerks. Their reasoning is that the parents are “living in open discord with Catholic teaching.” But the kid didn’t do anything. And I’ll bet dollars to donuts there’s at least one kid in school who’s parents are divorced or not even Catholic.

Even so, if you’re gay, I really don’t get why you would bother with the Catholic Church (or just about any church) at all, never mind send your kids to a Catholic school.  Why try to be a part of an organization whose teachings that are completely opposed to who you are?

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One Comment on “Why Send Them In The First Place?”

  1. mom Says:

    Maybe they wanted their child to have that educational opportunity enough to put aside any personal discomfort it might cause them.

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