No Go On Another Marathon

After my epic failure at New Orleans, I seriously considered doing another one in April as a way to redeem myself. I’ve decided against it.

Partly it’s because every time I run my knee starts to hurt again. That’s the same issue that I give most of the blame for my horrible run in New Orleans. Even if it felt fine, though, I still don’t think I’d have chosen to do the April marathon. For one, it’s in April, making the weather somewhat unpredictable. I really don’t want to run in rain or in eighty degree weather. I’d be really mad if I spent the next month training and it rained on race day. Also, by the time I paid for gas, registration, food and a hotel, I’d be out a couple hundred bucks. That’s o.k. for a one time event, but when all I’m doing is trying to sooth my ego?

But the biggest reason not to run is the opportunity costs. Training takes time. When the marathon is in February, that time has a low value. In December, January and February, if I wasn’t outside running I’d be in the house griping about the weather. Now, though, it’s sunny and in the mid sixties every day. Rather than run, I’d prefer to ride my bike, take my kids to the park, walk the dog or just sit on my back deck sipping bourbon and enjoying life. This is the best time of the year and I don’t want to sacrifice it in the hopes of gaining thirty minutes over twenty six point two miles.

Deciding not to run also has its cost: I have to admit I’m not a good marathoner. That bugs me. A lot. Still, I’m old enough to handle it. And if I get too dejected, I can always go for a good bike ride.

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