Police To Begin Seizing Children’s Bikes, Scooters, Dogs, Jogging Strollers

You live miles from the nearest park. You have no driveway, or else it’s occupied. You want your kid off the couch and outside. Easy solution? Do as many of my friends’ parents did and buy a basketball goal and put it at the edge of the yard, making your quiet street the local basketball court.

Well, do that in Shreveport and you’re going to jail. Not really, but the goal will be. Why?

Police say the goals left in the street are a safety hazard for children and motorists and that they’re trying to take a proactive approach with picking these goals up, since the temperatures are warming up and more kids will be outside.

“Proactive” indeed. Paranoia and a very low view of the intelligence of kids and motorists alike, is what it is. We had no park space anywhere near our home when I was a kid. Every game of basketball, football or baseball we played, we played in the street. Know how many incidents there were with cars? None. I’m guessing the same is true of Shreveport today, if it wasn’t I’m sure the accident would have made the news. Having a goal on the side of Youree Drive would be one thing. But putting it up in the middle of a neighborhood street is not dangerous and kids are smart enough to watch for, and get out of the way of, the few cars that will use the road.

I just don’t see how this is any more dangerous than any of the other non-car activities that take place in the road. If they’re going to protect us from ourselves while playing basketball, then I guess banning dog-walking is next.

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2 Comments on “Police To Begin Seizing Children’s Bikes, Scooters, Dogs, Jogging Strollers”

  1. mom Says:

    There has to be something more important to worry about!

  2. mom Says:

    You built ramps for your bicycle in the street. There has to be something more important for them to worry about 🙂

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