Local Republicans Grow Nanny State

Bad caffeine, bad, bad: “[Republican state] Sen. Robert Adley proposes energy drink ban.

Granted, his ban would only be for those under sixteen. I’m also intentionally being inflammatory with the post title. Still, if you are a typical Republican, you probably support the war on drugs. Given that you think the state can prohibit individuals from getting high, why can’t it also prohibit individuals from getting fat? Sure each situation has some collateral costs to “society” (though I’ve never paid them), but the main harm is to the individual who chooses to smoke pot or eat fast food at every meal. (Or do both; I’m sure there’s a correlation). I don’t know that you can consistently support drug prohibition while also opposing goofy ideas like banning energy drinks, or trans fats, or even, as might occur in New York, salt. And if you do pick one and not the other, you sure can’t accuse anyone else of having too much faith in government.

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2 Comments on “Local Republicans Grow Nanny State”

  1. Jim Says:

    We don’t want our kids over here too juiced up when they sign up for ‘Operation Exodus’. Could be that the energy drink problem has to do with the Muslim Terrorist threat in Bossier, and he doesn’t want it to spread.
    After all, where are these energy drinks sold, and by whom? Hmmmm.

  2. KC Says:

    I am an “r” who thinks we should declare victory in the war on drugs and call it a day….

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