But Wait, I Thought Judicial Activism Was A Bad Thing

Personally, I don’t expect to get any of the intended benefits from the health care overhaul. I’m too middle class and too healthy. Still, I am getting lots of entertainment benefits.

First was every conservative and every liberal completely swapping positions about filibusters and similar parliamentary procedures. Five years ago the libs waxed about how important it was while the conservatives shouted “up or down vote!” The last year, of course, has seen a complete change of positions. The results of considered study, I’m sure.

Now we can enjoy flip flops about courts. Instead of liberals harping about how the courts are necessary to protect us against the tyranny of the majority, it’s the conservatives who are seeking to do in court what they failed to do at the ballot box. All the same great clichés, but with new idiots spouting them.

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One Comment on “But Wait, I Thought Judicial Activism Was A Bad Thing”

  1. Jim Says:

    Well said, sir.

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