Why I Didn’t Buy My Dream TV

Like I said here, I came thisclose to buying a Samsung LCD LED television. Never did. Primarily because the marginal benefit was not worth the cost. Though awesome, the new one just isn’t fourteen hundred bucks better than our current cathode ray tube clunker.

The other reason is Murphy’s law for homeowners: If you run into unexpected cash, something of an equal value will break. I knew the minute I spent the money on the television, the fridge would crap out, or the air conditioner would die, or the transmission would fall out of my car. Sure enough, today the breakage occurred.

Well, nothing broke, but if we don’t fix the problem something will. We have a large sycamore tree near the northwest corner of the house. It has a few dead limbs. Yesterday I found a guy who would climb the tree and cut the limbs. Problem: When he did, he discovered rot, rot and more rot. Some kind of fungus is eating the tree up top while beatles devour it from below. So, a hundred and fifty dollar trim became a fifteen hundred dollar removal of the whole tree. (Don’t worry, we had several independent confirmations of the problem and quotes on removal). It’s either that or leave it and let it fall into the house. At least our insurance would cover that.

I’m not going to miss the tree. Sycamores are lousy trees anyway; all those things do is drop s**t in the yard without providing any pretty flowers or foliage. I’m also glad I made the decision to be responsible. Still, if anyone ever wonders why I am such a pessimistic, cynical, curmudgeon, this kind of stuff is it.

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3 Comments on “Why I Didn’t Buy My Dream TV”

  1. mom Says:

    I’m glad you didn’t wait to see if it would fall on the house. And, from the “glass half full” frame of mind – at least you had the money to pay for the removal. 🙂
    P.S. I don’t think you are really a curmudgeon. You aren’t quite old enough yet.

  2. Himself Says:

    However I’m certainly old enough to have earned the curmudgeon title. If someone had told me when we bought the house that we’d be spending over $3k on trees in ten years, I wouldn’t have believed him. And I would have been wrong.

    IMHO, oak trees are much worse – they drop a lot more stuff in spring and acorns in fall. I don’t miss ours at all.

  3. mauriceloridans Says:

    Hold off for 3D.

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