A Delayed F-You To Tony Kornheiser

If you don’t know, Kornheiser – a deuchbag announcer for ESPN  – recently urged his fans to “run down” cyclists who dared use HIS roads. I didn’t blog anything about it at the time, figuring Lance said it all:

Listening to Tony Kornheiser’s comments/rant on ESPN radio re: cyclists. Disgusting, ignorant, foolish. What a complete f-ing idiot.

Yes, he is. So what more is there to say? (Other than pointing out that his ESPN bosses suspended him for mocking a woman’s clothes but did nothing when he urges listeners to physically injure other people. Nice priorities, ESPN!)

Then yesterday on the local MTB forums, someone posted news of a local biker injured by a car. One minute the guy – a med student here in town – is enjoying a ride on a beautiful day. The next thing he knows he wakes up in a hospital with “a broken neck, concussion, fractured rib, road rash galore, and a tube in his chest so that his lung can reinflate.” Meanwhile all his friends and family go from having normal days to the horror of not knowing if a loved one will live or die.

That’s what happens when people in cars follow Tony Kornheiser’s advice. So don’t be a complete fucking idiot like Tony Kornheiser. Pay attention and don’t risk someone else’s life just to save five minutes of your time.

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