Pot Smoking Hippies In The NFL!

Here’s an interesting article claiming – based on interviews with NFL personnel decision makers – that as much as a third of this year’s draft class has some kind of pot smoking history.

That’s interesting by itself, the most remarkable part, though, is that the vast majority of the article discusses whether or not the teams will draft those players. No attention is given to why a team might not draft an otherwise top prospect who admits to having smoked pot. It isn’t an easily answered question. I mean, if the dude is a likely top pick, clearly the pot smoking has not impacted his game. And if it hasn’t, I don’t know why anyone should care.

The only reason anyone mentions for not drafting these guys is that it violates the rules. After mentioning Percy Harvin and Desean Jackson, two all-pro quality receivers who fell in recent drafts because of marijuana rumors, one executive said:

“If you passed on Jackson and you passed on Harvin the past two years, maybe you can’t afford to just completely write off that kind of prospect every time, or you won’t have a job at some point because you won’t win any games,” one team front office executive said. “But you don’t want to take guys and see them be in the [league’s drug] program the whole time, because they may never get out of it. You want to determine if it’s in their environment and if they’re bringing that environment with them [to the NFL]?”

One of the first things you learn as a teacher (and as a parent) is that rules for the sake of rules don’t get much respect. The article says marijuana use among top prospects has been on the rise. My guess is that players realize – contra drug warrior propaganda – pot is not inherently harmful. As all these prospects have proven, there’s no reason you can’t smoke pot AND be a top notch football player (or anything else). Sure, using it can hurt your draft prospects, but only because it’s a violation of the rules. That’s the real problem.

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