Christofascists Shut Down Play

I am continually amazed at the power of the word gay. What other word has the power to cause ordinarily semi-rational people to do insane things like this:

The performance of a play that portrays Jesus as gay has been canceled at Tarleton State University amid what school officials say are “safety and security concerns.”

I get you don’t like someone insulting your beliefs. No one likes that. I also understand this occurred in Texas. Even so, in this country, we don’t use violence to enforce religious dogma. Barbarians do that. (Again, I understand this is Texas, but still). If you do use violence, or threats of violence, it doesn’t matter what religion you practice, you’re an ignorant piece of shit.

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2 Comments on “Christofascists Shut Down Play”

  1. KC Says:

    The article didn’t say there were threats of violence….which leads me to wonder what the safety concerns were….course the same thing happened recently to Ann Coulter in Canada….

    Free speech is a good thing…whether we like the particular speech or speaker, or not…

  2. Wheeler Says:

    coulter’s situation was actually worse. she was threatened with LEGAL prosecution. there’s not even a pretense of free speech in canada. the situation in texas is just people being buttholes.

    btw, hate coulter but totally agree with everything glenn greenwald said about her situation.

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