So What’s Worse Than Canceling Prom To Avoid Having “The Gays” Attend?

Parents and school personnel organizing a private alternative, but giving the gay couple the address of a fake prom to ensure they did not find the alternative one.

I can’t think of any words harsh enough, but let me try. I know that area of Mississippi; my wife grew up near there. The average resident is ignorant, poor, violent, religious and proud of it all. There isn’t much good about them or that section of the country. It’s a nice place to be from. Nothing else. Given that, it’s no doubt local parents, students, teachers and administrators need some kind of way to feel better about themselves. “Gosh, I may be thrice divorced, hooked on meth, and living off a government check, but durn it, at least I ain’t gonna burn in hell like them homosexuals.”

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2 Comments on “So What’s Worse Than Canceling Prom To Avoid Having “The Gays” Attend?”

  1. Jim Says:

    That’s sad, and cruel.

  2. KC Says:

    you would think that if the adults objected to her coming, at least one of them would have the courage of his/her convictions ( and decency ) to simply tell her to her face that she was not invited…

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