Here’s Why Gay Parents Would Send Their Kids To Catholic Schools

I asked that question after reading about a Catholic school that kicked out a student because that student’s parents are gay. Here’s an article, from a couple with a better experience, answering my question. A quote:

I want our sons to use their brains and their hearts. I want our sons’ teachers to know that I hope they make no apologies for what they teach. I want them to know they needn’t worry about being the first bearers of the bad news of the objective disorder of homosexuality; our new parish priest and large swaths of the culture have already beaten them to it, many times over. I want our children to learn all sorts of things I do and don’t know, from people who claim to be teaching the Truth, and from people who make no such claim. I want our children to learn all sorts of things I do and don’t believe. I want our children…educated.

The whole thing is very worth reading. And it almost convinces me. I still don’t think I could send my kids to a school that would teach them their parents are objectively disordered, or give my money to an organization working to make my life miserable. After reading this, though, I understand why some people would.

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