Liberty On The March In The LA Legislature

This is nice:

Louisiana would no longer be the only state that requires retail florists to pass a licensing exam, if lawmakers approve a bill that received approval Monday from the House Commerce Committee.

The measure by state Rep. Franklin Foil, R-Baton Rouge, would do away with the written and practical exams that a person must take before becoming a licensed florist.

Course, it’d be a lot nicer if they also eliminated the $150.00 fee that potential florists will still have to pay to be officially licensed. Even better, they could get really crazy and drop the whole ridiculous idea of licensing florists. I get licensing doctors or lawyers. Given the severe damage that could be caused by a quack in either field, I understand why we want some ex ante assurances of minimum competence. But a freakin’ florist? This is nothing but rent seeking – protecting the profits of current florists by preventing new competition.

So good for the legislature. Even if the fee still applies, eliminating the tests ought to lead to more florists, more competition, and thus a little more cash in your wallet the next time you have to make good with the significant other.

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