La Senate Denies Special Rights For Churches


Jindal administration-backed legislation to scrap licensing requirements for church-run day-care centers died Wednesday in a state Senate committee.

Look, if you’re providing a secular service, you have to play by the same rules as all the secular groups. Besides, in light of the last few months of news, would it really have been a good idea to presume churches are safe for kids?

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5 Comments on “La Senate Denies Special Rights For Churches”

  1. Jim Says:

    Even the legislature gets it right sometimes; not often, but sometimes . .

  2. wheeler Says:

    they also shot down aderholt’s bill prohibiting the sale of energy drinks to teens. so that’s two. might be a record.

  3. Tim11 Says:

    Jindal has a lot of nerve putting La children in danger by proposing a lack of standards in daycare. He cares more about his religious buddies than the state’s kids.

  4. […] issue is whether church run day cares ought to be exempt from state licensing requirements. I celebrated when that bill died, as I thought it unfair to only deregulate church day cares, while leaving all […]

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