Why Does Bobby Jindal Hate Families?

Yet another issue separating pretextual supporters of limited government from true lovers of liberty:

Lengthy and passionate testimony in the Senate Judiciary A Committee today ended with a 3-1 party line rejection of a measure that would have expanded gay adoption in Louisiana.

Jindal and a host or religious conservatives helped ensure more kids grow up in either foster care or with one parent. There just is no factual support for opposing adoption by homosexuals. This is state enforced religious dogma. Period. The only thing these limits do is harm children. I think that’s a bad idea. Obviously, many people disagree. But if you do, at least be honest about your support for big government.

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2 Comments on “Why Does Bobby Jindal Hate Families?”

  1. Darla Wells Says:

    Could it be that Jindal is one of those idiots who think being gay is contagious?

  2. Steph Says:

    Yeah, because gay people raise gay children! Just like straight people raise straight children…right!!?

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