Shreveport Debates Destroying Parades

The city council is considering moving the route to Clyde Fant.

Look, if you don’t live here, imagine having a parade on an interstate highway; that’s what it would be like on Clyde Fant. Currently, the first third is on Clyde Fant, then it moves to a four lane highway through retail areas before finishing on East Kings through the Broadmoor area. Generally, the first part is sober and family friendly, the second is drunk and rowdy, and the third is drunk and family friendly.

It’s a perfect set up. Really, the best part is the three or four hours before the parade on East Kings, when what’s normally a thoroughfare becomes a mile long block party for Broadmoor. Sure, that disturbs traffic. But that’s for a few hours on two Saturdays. Moving it would kill this community vibe as well as kill plenty of business for all the retail places between Clyde Fant and East Kings.

So, I say to all the shortsighted and selfish curmudgeons who want to isolate the parade from the life of the area, if you can’t force yourself to have fun, then get the heck out of town for those few hours. No one needs you, anyway.

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