My Letter To Councilman Long About the Parade Routes

UPDATE: His response follows my letter.

I sent this to my city councilman today. I’ll let you know if he responds.

Councilman Long,

My name is XXXX. I live at XXXX, in the heart of Broadmoor, a block and a half away from the parade route. I am writing to let you know that I – and may others – would be extremely disappointed if the council or anyone else decided to change the Mardi Gras Parade routes.

Each year my family and many others greatly anticipate these parades. We decorate our houses, invite friends over, and spend the afternoon grilling food and having fun. As evening arrives, all we have to do is walk a few paces to the route – usually with a train of kids on bikes or in wagons behind us. At the route, we find all the neighborhood together, enjoying life and each other’s company. No other event provides this kind of community activity and excitement. Moving it out of the neighborhood would end this experience forever.

According to KTBS, at yesterday’s meeting, another resident – Lou Gehrig Burnett – argued that Broadmoor residents dislike the current route. Let me assure you, he does not speak for me. And based on what I know of my own street, and the crowds I see at the parades, he does not speak for a majority of the neighborhood, either.

Mr. Burnett also stated that the current route is a major public safety issue. He is overstating his case by several orders of magnitude. Yes, East Kings becomes impassable by car as the day lengthens. Yes, there are more cars parked on the neighborhood streets. However, you can still drive from any point in Broadmoor to any point in Shreveport, even at the height of the parades. Sure, it might be a bit slower, or by a different direction than normal, but any inconvenience is minimal. Besides, even if the inconvenience was serious, this is only a few hours for two weekends a year, a “sacrifice” well worth all the fantastic benefits of the parade.

In sum, these parades are a unique way for us to enjoy our neighborhood and spend time with our neighbors. Please protect this amazing community event.

Thank You,


Got a response shortly after sending the e-mail. Long says not to worry, he opposes changing the route. That and Mayor Glover’s support for the current route make me confident the routes will remain the same. Good.

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2 Comments on “My Letter To Councilman Long About the Parade Routes”

  1. Hot Momma Says:

    Here, here! Well said!

  2. Texas Redhead Loser Says:

    Thirded. Nicely stated.

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