Here’s A Match Made In Hell

Fred Phelps and Itawamba County Mississippi:

A Mississippi lesbian who was denied the chance to go to her school’s prom is now being targeted by a Kansas-based hate group – and it is going to protest at her graduation.

The Westboro Baptist Church, which has drawn jeers for picketing at soldiers’ funerals and on Tuesday cheered the deaths of 12 tornado victims in Mississippi, said in a statement last weekend that they will be on hand for Constance McMillen‘s high school graduation ceremony, the Advocate reported.

Hard to imagine what kind of persecution would satisfy Phelps. I mean, the school already cancelled prom rather than let the poor girl attend, and then the students and parents set up a fake private prom and tricked her into attending that rather than the real private one. Of course, this is the same guy who thought Jerry Falwell was too nice to the gays.

In any event, these are pretty much my same thoughts on the situation:

To be serious for a moment, I think if the group actually does show up to protest — they frequently announce that they’ll be protesting this or that and then don’t show up, presumably because they’re busy inbreeding the next generation of family fucktards — it could actually end up being a good thing.

As terrible as the behavior of the school, the students and the parents were, the behavior of the Phelps gang is far more extreme. And I’ve seen even those who are relatively bigoted against gays express genuine revulsion at their behavior. But the leap isn’t all that far from one to the other and it could lead at least a few people in that community to see their own side of the fight taken to such a vile extreme that it pushes them in the other direction. Or maybe I’m just feeling less cynical than usual tonight for some reason.

It’s the same potential dynamic as Bombingham. The average white person was fine with segregation until seeing fire hoses trained on kids and people killed by bombs at churches. The nuts push the normal people to the reasonable side.

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6 Comments on “Here’s A Match Made In Hell”

  1. Darla Wells Says:

    I swear–that’s not a church, it’s a hate group. Isn’t there some way that these so called churches that do mostly political action can lose their tax exempt status. I mean, it has been threatened when the Catholic churches down here try to tell people who to vote for in the elections. It seems that Phelps and his followers are doing a lot more damage. What really pisses me off about them is that they don’t even stick to their own area. They came down here to Lafayette not long ago to torment some poor lesbians. Nobody can stand them. But I think you are right about the extremists being a benefit to eventually making people see how unreasonable some stances are.

  2. Jim Says:

    I tried to get on Phelps’ website, but it was down. I did find a cached copy of their schedule. For this visit they said “The parents of Fulton, MS feign outrage that a filthy dyke wants to parade her “girlfriend” around at their night of fornication called a prom. They had a duty to teach their children what the Lord requires of them. They shirked this duty. The Lord repays them to their face by sending dykes, burning in their lusts, to tyrannize them.”
    Will he show up? Who knows, maybe it is just a fake protest to rival the fake prom that they arranged for the girl.

  3. kc Says:

    how in the heck has this guy and his little group avoided getting their vever lovin A#&es kicked…..

  4. raviner Says:

    (formerly known as Texas Redhead Loser)

    These people showed up to protest at a hockey game I attended with my sister a couple of months ago. The next day, they protested outside of her church. She felt honored to be told by them twice in one weekend she is going to hell. People seem to mock them wherever they go so I think you are right about them creating an opposite effect than what they wished.

  5. Roy Says:

    Just an odd observation…you can’t find a single instance in the Bible…of a protest. Maybe I’m wrong on this…but it’s not exactly something that is really Christian in nature.

    • Darla Wells Says:

      The only one I can really think of is when Jesus ran the moneylenders out of the temple. And that was Jesus himself, not any substitute.

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