If You Thought Licensing Florists Was Ridiculous

How about licensing chaplains?

But perhaps the most intriguing bill of the day comes in the House Commerce Committee, where Rep. Cedric Richmond, D-New Orleans, wants Louisiana state government to begin licensing chaplains.

In a state that is the only one that sees fit to license florists, perhaps the only surprise is that chaplains have survived this long without the long arm of government regulation. But Richmond’s House Bill 686 — the “Professional Chaplains Licensing Act” — would end this apparent oversight by creating a seven-member board, appointed by the governor, that would have the power to decide who is qualified to provide spiritual counseling in workplaces and various institutions.

Surely this must be a joke. I can’t imagine any justification of any type for that one. Not even rent-seeking. Never mind the unavoidable constitutional issues: What criteria could the state use that would not involve favoring one religious belief over another? Thankfully, it appears to have died in committee.

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2 Comments on “If You Thought Licensing Florists Was Ridiculous”

  1. Darla Wells Says:

    This one has the makings of a witch hunt. Did I say witch? Maybe it came from some of the brouhahas in our prison system or our military where they will let everyone but the Wiccans and Muslims practice unmolested. There are prisons in which some of the prisoners get special privileges and even better parole chances if they enroll in certain (usually fundamentalist Christian)programs. http://undertoldstories.gortonhosting.com/stories/prison-ministry Sorry, there are many more mainstream sources but I don’t have time to look for them right now. Anyway, this is one of the reasons many prisoners seem to “get religion” while in the joint.

    Since the line between church and state got blurred by the government, it is also a funding issue. Who gets the money? I think we should either support them all or support none of them. In Louisiana alone, it would pit the mostly Protestant north against the mostly Catholic south…

  2. Roy Says:

    Well…you might as well start licensing peanut farmers and grave diggers next. Course, we could all run down to the county department and register as a Chaplin and run our own church services out of the garage. It might prove to be interesting.

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