What Is Wrong With Robert Adley?

First the Benton Republican wanted to police what soft drinks young adults are allowed to enjoy. Now he wants to exempt the state, and some of his own friends, from the rule of law:

Senate Bill 549 by Sen. Robert Adley, R-Benton, would prohibit law clinics at any state or private university that receives state funding from suing government agencies. In addition, the bill would forbid clinics from suing individuals and businesses for financial damages and curtail the ability to raise constitutional challenges.

The deans of Tulane and Loyola both say this would all but end the ability of law schools to offer practical educational opportunities to law students.

But all the bill prohibits is suing the state or businesses. The students could still  provide free aid if they were defending the state or a business. So don’t worry, eager young students, you might not be able to provide free help to all the poor folks whose livelihoods are wrecked by this oil spill, but you can certainly donate your time to defending BP.

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One Comment on “What Is Wrong With Robert Adley?”

  1. Darla Wells Says:

    well, there goes the Innocence Project or whatever our state version of it is

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