This Is Why Obama Is A Traitor

In all the areas he was supposed to be good, he’s actually been horrible. The Elana Kagan nomination is the last straw. I am officially an Obama Hater. Radley Balko nicely summarizes why this nomination is an abomination for anyone who cares about any kinds of liberty, concluding:

Kagan may well be the perfect nominee for [Obama]. She’s a cerebral academic who fits Washington’s definition of a centrist: She’s likely defer to government on both civil liberties and regulatory and commerce issues.

So we all lose!

Anyway, it’s not just this nomination. I’m not worried about a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, but DOMA and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell are still the law of the land. He’s continued the Bush policies of growing executive power and secrecy. Just today his administration joined the snivelling cowards who want to toss the constitution at the mere possibility someone might be a terrorist. His position in criminal justice issues is one of blind faith in law enforcement.

The most aggravating thing about all of this? None of these issues will surface during the confirmation hearings. Republicans won’t bring any of them up because they LIKE all of that stuff. Democrats won’t because Obama nominated her and therefore we must support her. That means all we’ll hear about will be 1) Kagan’s banning military recruiters from Harvard, and; 2) That she has no judicial experience. With nothing but that stuff between her and SCOTUS, we can now look forward to decades of judicial review that leaves the enforcement of the constitution to the people from whom it’s supposed to protect us.

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3 Comments on “This Is Why Obama Is A Traitor”

  1. Jim Says:

    Support of the executive in over-riding the constitution was the one thing that stood out to me with both Alito & Roberts. Now Kagan. And no one cares.

  2. Joel Says:

    What a sickening disappointment. Obama is just as bad as Bush — only worse, because he’s a hypocrite.

  3. […] Will Make A Great Conservative Justice Prior to this week’s hearings, I already opposed her, knowing she’s weak on free speech, blurs the line between church and state, and loves her […]

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