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Hey Obama, Do These Guys Lose Their Rights, Too?

May 11, 2010

Because this sure looks like an act of terrorism to me:

The Billings, Montana, City Council will take up the issue of regulating medical marijuana on Monday night in a meeting expected to be intense in the wake of the firebombings of two of the city’s medical marijuana storefronts in the last two days.

The southern Montana city’s dispensaries legally provide marijuana to medical patients who use it for maladies from glaucoma to nausea to lack of appetite. In the latest incidents, the phrase “Not in our town” was spray-painted on the businesses, police say.

Police Sgt. Kevin Iffland said Big Sky Patient Care was hit early Sunday morning and Montana Therapeutics was the target early Monday. Both had a rock thrown through the front door, followed by a Molotov cocktail. In both cases, Iffland said, the fire was put out swiftly and damage was not extensive.

Most of my opposition to the Obama/Lieberman/McCain idea of suspending due process rights of suspected terrorists is that they’ve admitted the terrorists have won. No nation or group is ever going to literally conquer America. The only way the terrorists win is if they scare us into changing who we are. Responding to terrorism by eliminating fundamental due process rights is exactly that.

I also oppose it in large measure because in the War On Terror, we’ve detained many innocent people. We need more due process, not less.

I also oppose the idea of suspending rights because it will not be applied in any kind of principled manner. Lots of people will use force or threats of force to bring about political change. But only folks like the underwear bomber or the Times Square “Wannabomber” will lose their Miranda rights. People like the firebombers in Billings, or the Hutari in Michigan, or the IRS bomber, will still receive the full benefit of the law. The difference, of course, is that while all of them act like terrorists, only the former group look like terrorists.