Maybe The Saints Super Bowl Win Wasn’t Such A Good Thing

Now that Lebron is out of the NBA playoffs, meaning the Lakers will win the NBA title again, I feel like the Sports Gods are balancing out the fantastic story that was the Saints Super Bowl by giving all the other championships to the most hateable teams in sports.

Really, it started before the Super Bowl. The Lakers won last year’s NBA title. Then the Yankees won the World Series. Finally, just weeks prior to the Super Bowl, Satan himself won the BCS. Post Super Bowl, we had to endure Duke winning the NCAA tournament. The future looks bad, too. The Yankees are like ten games better than they were last year at this time. And like I said, with Lebron out of the playoffs, the Lakers can cruise to their second straight title.

Man. This sucks. Maybe the sports world isn’t cursed. But I’m sure done watching the NBA playoffs.

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One Comment on “Maybe The Saints Super Bowl Win Wasn’t Such A Good Thing”

  1. raviner Says:

    Come on over to the dark side. There are some great underdog teams battling it out in the NHL playoffs right now. (Except for Philly, of course.)

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