Kagan Nomination Continues To Bring Out The Idiots

Tony Perkins, moron, asshole, and head of the Family Research Council, opposes Elana Kagan. No shock there. Obama could have nominated the ghost of William Rehnquist and people like Perkins would still have opposed her.  The reasoning is as ridiculous as it is predictable:

Perkins told the Press Club of Baton Rouge that President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nomination ignored federal law when as head of the nation’s most prestigious law school, she barred military recruiters on campus because of the anti-gay stance. She had been dean of the Harvard Law School and now serves as Obama’s solicitor general.

“Kagan is part of a movement that’s willing to sacrifice our freedom for the sake of a narrow ideological agenda,” Perkins.

Can you say “non-sequitur?” How in the hell does that statement follow from the preceding paragraph? Even if you agree that Kagan was wrong to ban military recruiters from Harvard law because of the military’s discrimination against homosexuals, there is no way Kagan’s actions could possibly be construed as “sacrificing our freedom.” If anything it was an attempt to increase freedom. First, the freedom of gays to serve in the military, and second, the country’s freedom because we would then have more people in the military to protect us from all the bad guys in the world.

I understand throwing around words like “freedom” and “tyranny” will score points with the ignorant masses, but this is just ridiculous. Perkins’ example of “limiting freedom” is in reality an attempt to do exactly the opposite. But I suppose asking him to consider reality is asking way too much.

Let me add, I am more than open to believing Kagan wants to limit several important freedoms. For instance, here’s a summary of a law review article she wrote, in which she offered ways to circumvent the First Amendment in order to outlaw pornography and hate speech. Rather than deal with these real issues, though, Perkins, as will most of her opponents, I’m sure, attacks something without enough substance to even be called a straw man.

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3 Comments on “Kagan Nomination Continues To Bring Out The Idiots”

  1. Jim Says:

    Tony Perkins accusing someone of having a narrow ideological agenda, now that’s rich!

  2. kc Says:

    I don’t think she ever practiced law a day in her life…

  3. Wheeler Says:

    no kidding. even worse than the “she’s never been a judge” criticism is the “well, that just means she’ll
    be more in touch with the common man” response.

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