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I Feel Obligated To Post This, Too

May 20, 2010

Man charged with DWI … on a lawn mower

Shockingly, this did not occur in Haughton.

I Feel Obligated To Say Something About Floyd And Lance

May 20, 2010

Well, of course the former is a disgraced star reaching for one last bit of glory, and of course the latter has used some kind of PED’s.

Seriously, what possible value does Landis’s confession and finger pointing have? If you’ve always thought Lance was clean, the finger pointing by a guy who has just admitted – after years of denial – his own drug use is not going to change your mind. If you’ve always though Lance was dirty, this is more confirmation.

Me? Meh. The thing that really bothers me about doping in cycling is the same thing that bothers me about instant replay: It eliminates live sports. Just like after every singe significant play in the NFL, you have to wait to see the replay before celebrating (or cursing), after every cycling event, you have to wait for the test returns before enjoying the results. There’s no “moment.” Everything is an audition, awaiting final review before becoming the real thing. You can never see an event and say “I can’t believe that just happened” because, in a few more minutes, it might not have. I’ll take dirty riders and blown calls if that means I get the spontaneity and uniqueness of live sports back.