Ridiculously Stupid Bumper Stickers

Sure, that’s redundant. I remember my dad telling me when I was a kid that there’s two kinds of people in the world: Those who put bumper stickers on their cars, and those who don’t. Still, even given the low standards, two I’ve recently seen made me laugh out loud. In scorn. (Sorry I don’t have actual pics, but I don’t own a real cell phone, never mind one that could have taken a live picture. Rest assured, though, I actually saw these on real cars in Shreveport.)

The first was a sticker version of the following t-shirt. It made me want to go home and kick my dog.

I mean, really? Could you be any more self-righteous?

As for the next, my first thought was, “yes, there is, but you are too willfully ignorant to want an actual answer.”

My next thought was, “I bet the driver is a lower middle class middle aged white guy.” And, sure enough, when I passed him he fit the stereotype.

Anyway, what do these bumper stickers really say other than “The driver of this car is a complete idiot?”

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