How To Know You’ve Really Got It Good

If this is one of the biggest headaches in your life, or something you would even complain about at all, then you’ve got lots for which to be thankful.

Go down just about any street and you’re sure to find at least one garbage or recycling bin sitting in the middle of a sidewalk, completely blocking foot traffic.  Shreveport Police Sgt. Bill Goodin says leaving garbage cans in the middle of a sidewalk is against the law.  Violators could get a ticket and pay a fine.  Mike Strong with the city says it’s up to everyone, including the bin collectors, to make sure the sidewalks are not being blocked on trash day or any other day.  If you have concerns in your neighborhood, the best way to report it is by calling police at 673-BLUE.

We do a lot of walking. Sometimes it’s behind the kids as they ride their tricycles. Other times it’s with the dog. Sunday mornings are normally a five to ten mile hike with the kids in the jogger. There’s also frequent trips to the local parks or library. We can do this because Southeast Shreveport has sidewalks on every road. Annoyingly, people do park cars across them, or pile trash in them, or even let their gardens grow over them. Normally, my response to homeowners who leave crap in the sidewalk is to detour through the offender’s front yard. Now I think I’ll just keep my cell phone handy.

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