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About Westboro And Sgt. Joshua Tomlinson

May 29, 2010

If you aren’t from around here, the inbreds from the Westboro Baptist Church announced last week that they were going to protest at the funeral of Sgt. Tomlinson, a local soldier killed earlier this month in Afghanistan. It’s been the topic of conversation everywhere. As of now, it appears they failed to show, though the announcement drew many, many supporters to the funeral.

I don’t know what to say. Part of me just wants to use as many curse words as possible. I feel like I should explain that these useless assholes aren’t protesting the war, they’re protesting our country’s acceptance of homosexuals. There’s a lesson or two on free speech. I could discuss whether or not any other group of people is so unconditionally condemned by so many different types of folks.

But I don’t want to talk about them. I also don’t want to discuss any abstract principles or ideas. There’s an actual person gone from this world. There’s a real family that has to face this loss. I’m trying hard not to sound sanctimonious. Still, turning this young man’s death into a news event seems profane. It makes him a caricature. I know it happens every day. I also know grief is personal. Sgt. Tomlinson’s friends and family know him. Those of us who just read the news can’t. We can express sympathy and anger, but only his loved one’s can grieve. So I guess all I want to say is that as all this news swirls around this real soldier’s death, I hope it won’t hinder his family from confronting and conquering their sorrow. I hope they can ignore the news narrative and remember and celebrate the person they know and love.